For several years now, we have been working hard on two particular and very beneficial topics for both companies and countries: productivity and competitiveness. The first one indicates how to do things most efficiently and effectively possible, and the second one tries to measure if doing the first one, we can compete for the clients in the market.

Computer technology is one of the most useful tools for improving productivity and competitiveness in companies. They offer the possibility of being much more efficient in the use of resources while allowing much greater flexibility and agility to meet increasingly changing customer requirements.

It is demonstrated that information and communication technologies influence productivity by contributing in the following areas:

Costs reduction

Increase in Sales

Improvements in profitability

Improvement in the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and suppliers

Make organizational structures more efficient

Facilitate staff training

Improve communication within the company

Improve communication with suppliers, government and other partners

This is just a short list. The impact of the use of ICT has even been measured by the World Bank, generating relative differences between companies that do not use ICT and those that do. The differences favor companies that use ICT more than three percentage points in sales increase and more than five percentage points in productivity improvement.